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  • S-Walker Big Wheel
    S-Walker Big Wheel

    S-Walker Big Wheel!

    bigwheel114 Inch Aluminium Wheels, 185/30 R14, professional all-purpose wheels on any landforms with stable driving and turning.

    bigwheel2Battery Charging System,  Input: 100-220V AC (reusable). Duration of Charge: 3-4 hours, one Charge for driving max. 40km.

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  • S-Walker Board
    S-Walker Board

    S-Walker BOARD

    bigwheel1Not only self-balancing, the S-Walker Board can reach max. 10km/h (6mph), it is also a good training for you waist an legs.

    bigwheel2the first 2-Wheel Board in market, we are trying to satisfy all the age group, tell us which color you want.

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  • S-Walker Standard
    S-Walker Standard

    S-Walker Standard - Design for the Street

    Discover and enjoy the World of S-Walker

    prototypeS-Walker Standard: special design for city life. No need to find a parking place anymore! No more fines for illegal parking! A super star among youngsters and Adults with better personal mobility, the S-Walker rocks!

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  • S-Walker Mini
    S-Walker Mini

    S-Walker Mini - Fun for Kids

    Helping children to better balance and react, to improve their cultivation of attention.

    djThe electronic scooter has a protection setting. Children can only use it on a flat surface with maximum 15 km/h speed and up to 15-degree upslope ability.

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  • S-Walker Tank
    S-Walker Tank

    S-Walker Tank - Catch me if you can

    This highly sensitive model allows 360-degree revolve with low noise, fast charging with lithium battery.

    headlines30cm maximum wade in the water, Climbing ability: 25-degree upslope, pulling force 500kg maximum. Application: military use, cross-country, family use, etc.

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Welcome to S-Walker | Everybody would like it!


Leading Innovation
S-Walker is born with our passion, which bring us a more convenient and efficient solution across the society. S-Walkers explore new area, which extend the business opportunity to our partners.


Successful Partnership
Trust S-Walker and be our partner, we strongly work for your success.


Vaunted Technology
S-Walker Big Wheel is our first evolutionary product, which is a dreaming reality inspired by the 80s science fiction. The overall objective is to maximize our contribution to build up an idea society.

Speed Management | drive carefully

welcomeSpeed is adjusted at max. 15 or 20 km/h. The S-Walker reduces speeding automatically if speed limit is reached.

Parking System | Stand moves itself!

leadingS-Walker has no Stander for parking, just let it free after driving, and it remains standing.

Pad Control Device | Apps for mobile system coming soon...

samsungRemote Control with PAD is under developement. S-Walker can be controlled by iPad® or Android Pads with Bluetooth.

Color Adjustments | Made the design yourself

vividDifferent colored foils are available, you can order your S-Walker in your favorite color.

Some Customer Testimonials | See what all the peopel feel and say

  • Wow very surpised!
    Wow very surpised!
    Not only a vehicle but also a new way for enjoying myself and having fun with friends, not to mention the attention I can cause on the road.

    I feel good.

    Robert Gunt - DYNA LIMITED

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